Choosing the right Hot Water Radiators for your Bathroom

Whilst not always viewed as a bathroom necessity, the presence of a hot water radiator is undoubtedly favorable, not least from a practicality perspective to keep towels dry and warm. And of course, that there is such an extensive selection of stylish contemporary hot water radiators for sale is a huge bonus. However, considering the massive variety of radiators on the market, you may struggle knowing where to even begin searching for the option best suited to your preferences and requirements. In this article, Hudson Reed aim to point you in the direction of the right hot water heater radiators for your bathroom.

Buying a Hot Water Radiator for a Small Bathroom

The size of your bathroom is always likely to prove a big factor when selecting your preferred hot water radiator, but even for small bathrooms used by large families, there are a great range of suitable options available. If that is your situation, you’ll likely need to keep a large quantity of towels dry and ready for use at all times, and as a means of saving space, it could be worth considering a hydronic towel warmer with thermostatic valves as an alternative. If your heart is set on a hot water radiator though, there are still plenty of viable options on offer in many different compact designs. Hudson Reed’s designer radiator collection includes an array of components in contrasting styles, with many options perfect for small bathrooms – the Vivara vertical flat-panel designer radiator is a prime example, along with all types of wall mounted hot water radiators. Our guide on where to position your radiator can offer a good insight into the best installation location for your home heating.



Hot Water Radiators for all Bathrooms

If you’re working with a larger bathroom space, you automatically have more flexibility regarding your chosen type of hot water radiators, and have more scope to decide between vertical and horizontal options, flat or chunkier radiators, and obviously select longer and wider components should you wish, such as cast iron hot water radiators. That said, you can also explore a choice of several styles and finishes, with Hudson Reed’s chrome hot water radiators particularly well suited to contemporary bathrooms. If your bathroom is undergoing a full refurbishment (check out our 10 Timeless Bathroom Color Ideas blog) or you’re planning a large-scale modernization of the space, you can definitely find a radiator to complement surrounding décor, and enhance both the look and functionality of the space. All of our designer radiators feature an impressive BTU heat output which helps to quickly warm up your room and ensure efficient operation, which will reduce energy costs moving forwards. As such, whether you’re replacing hot water radiators or buying new fixtures, your purchase can be seen as a valuable long-term investment, rather than a mere home improvement vice for the here and now. Be sure to consult our guide on where to position your radiator for some advice on the ideal heating installation location.

Showcasing your Hot Water Radiators

Have you installed a hot water radiator in your bathroom, or anywhere else in your home for that matter? We’d love to see your refurbished space complete with your brand new heating solution, whether you ended up opting for a traditional cast iron radiator, a modern high gloss black number or any other incarnation. Please let us know about your hot water radiator experience in the comments section below, and contact our friendly team with pictures of your finished installation. For any more radiator installation help or advice, you can reach us on 1 877 778 8460.

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