A Buyer’s Guide to Cast Iron Radiators – Choosing the Perfect One for your Home

From bringing a luxury feel to your home to providing a solid and reliable source of heat for those cold winter months, cast iron radiators boast a great range of features. So, if you’ve been considering updating your home’s interior with cast iron radiators and are unsure where to begin or even if they are the right choice for you, then our handy buyer’s guide covers all you need to know to help you make the best decision.

In this cast iron radiator buying guide, we explain what a cast iron radiator is and why you should get one for your home, plus we share some tips and advice on choosing the perfect style and uncover if they really do cost more to run compared to other radiator materials.

cast iron radiator

Why should I get a cast iron radiator?

A cast iron radiator is one of the oldest, largest, and heaviest types of radiator that’s still in use today. But what is a cast iron radiator? This type of radiator features a traditional design made up of sections and columns. It is designed to work with a hot water system that relies on a water heater and is built to allow hot water to flow in, where it then transfers the heat from the water and out into the surrounding air. Cast iron radiators tend to take up a larger amount of floor space and are not usually wall-mounted due to their extremely heavy weight, so if you’re considering one for your home, it’s important to check your floor is suitable for this type of radiator.

So, why should I get a cast iron radiator? If you’re looking for a radiator that will endure the test of time and want to recreate the look of a bygone era, then a cast iron radiator offers a great option. Cast iron has many benefits – it boasts outstanding strength and durability, it’s not easy to dent or damage in any way compared to other materials such as steel and aluminum and a cast iron radiator will rarely rust within, but even if external rust does occur, it can easily be refurbished to look like new again.

Cast iron radiators are highly reliable too and there’s not much that can break on them. As long as the valves and other parts of your heating system are regularly maintained, then you can enjoy this traditional heat source for many years to come.