How Cookies aid your shopping experience

Cookies are small files a website will put onto your computer to make visits and overall user experience easier, more personalised to you and faster. The majority of cookies are important to a site to enable standard operations such as remembering user details to enhance the shopper's experience. Take for instance a cookie to retain information about what products you have placed in your shopping basket, if this cookie failed to exist, a shopper would need to manually add each of their prospective purchases to their basket each time they visit a different page on

Cookies are categorised as the following types:

  • Essential Cookies
  • Use of Personal Data
  • Helpful Cookies
  • Third Party Cookies

Essential Cookies

As with the example above, an Essential Cookie enables a website to function at its best. For this means making our customers shopping experience as straightforward as possible. requires cookies to be present to remember the items you place in your shopping basket. To summaries, Essential Cookies do the following:

  • Remember what's in a shopper's basket.
  • Allow the contents of a shopper's basket to be transferred to the checkout and purchased.
  • Determine whether a customer is signed into a secure area of E.g. the checkout.

Please note: Essential Cookies are not harmful to your computer; neither do they store personal information such as your credit card details.

Information Cookies

Information Cookies, as the name suggestions, provide important information to a website. utilises such cookies to gather anonymous information to assess how customers are using the website. With this knowledge we are able to further enhance our website functionality to provide a satisfactory shopping experience. Information collected can include which product pages are receiving the most visits. can then replicate popular offers and services, etc, to improve other areas of the website. To summaries, Information Cookies do the following:

  • Improve our understanding of how customers use our website.
  • Show us which pages are most popular so that we can improve our website.
  • Highlight any errors on pages such as broken links.

Please note: Information Cookies are gathered anonymously from users, with no identifiable link to any personal information associated with them.

Helpful Cookies

These cookies are designed to save information of advantage to a shopper such as names and addresses which on return to a website will not need to be filled out again. Helpful Cookies also remember important information such as your response if asked to fill out a survey which will be remembered to prevent unnecessary repetition. Where a website has an online chat function, this type of cookie is required to enable the correct operation of this service. To summaries, Helpful Cookies do the following:

  • Tell us if you have already logged in to your account.
  • Tell us if this is your first visit to
  • Enable live chat services to function correctly.

Third Party Cookies

Third Party Cookies determine which adverts are most likely to be preferable to a customer based on their interest. These cookies will also assess how effective an advertising campaign is towards customers and limit how often adverts are shown accordingly. The bulk of Third Party Cookies are placed onto a shopper's computer by the selected advertising organisations we have granted permission to do so. These cookies work to remember when customers visit our website and will then inform our advertising organisations so that they can provide adverts of probable interest. To summaries, Third Party Cookies do the following:

  • Gather information about a customer's typical browsing habits.
  • Display adverts of most relevance to you.

Please note: The information stored in Third Party Cookies in order to display adverts is completely anonymous and therefore contains no personal details from our visitors.

We sometimes embed content from websites. As a result, when you visit a page containing such content, you may be presented with cookies from these websites. We do not control the dissemination of these cookies and you should check the relevant third party's website for more information.

This information has been provided by to comply with laws and legislation. All information on cookies has been presented clearly and honestly so that our customers and visitors understand their functions.