How to install Thermostatic Radiator Valves to a Radiator

This guide will explain how to update your old radiator valves with thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s). In doing so, you’ll enhance the efficiency of your heating system, and ensure you don’t have a radiator leaking water. Follow the simple steps listed below for helpful instructions on how to install TRV’s to a radiator.

Prior to purchasing TRV’s you’ll have to decide on your preferred style – straight or angled. You’ll also have to think about what size pipework they will be going onto such as 0.3 inches, 0.4 inches or 0.6 inches. It is also important that just a single radiator in the house doesn’t have a TRV fitted, to create a bypass if all the TRV’s knock off. The same principles apply to installing TRVs to towel warmers too, but there’s more on that in our Buyer’s Guide to Towel Warmers. Before you begin, you’ll have to drain down the heating system so there is no possibility of a leaking radiator.