How to Create the Perfect Showering Experience

Enjoying a shower in the morning helps to get your day off to a great start, and also provides a way for you to relax in the evening. But, do we really make the most of our daily showers? Here we share our tips and advice on how to create the perfect showering experience.

Upgrade your shower

shower kit

If your shower head is old and produces nothing more than a trickle of water, then it could be time to upgrade it. Fitting a new shower won’t just transform your daily shower routine, but provides a great way to update the look of your bathroom too.

Showers at Hudson Reed are available in an array of styles ranging from the elegant and traditional to the sleek and contemporary to enhance any bathroom design.

Why not try our design your own shower tool, which allows you to easily create a shower system that’s tailored to your exact requirements? You can select from two or three outlet options to suit your needs.

Fixed shower heads are a very popular choice and deliver a refreshing rainfall style effect. If you want something more invigorating why not opt for a shower system with body sprays?

Water temperature and pressure

Turning the temperature of the water to a cold setting doesn’t sound like much fun, but a cool shower is beneficial to both your hair and skin. Rinsing your hair in cold water helps to keep it looking shiny, and a cooler shower boosts circulation too.

Did you know that putting your face directly under the shower head, where the water pressure is the greatest, can damage your skin over time? If you have a multi-function handset you can simply adjust the pressure so it’s gentler on the skin, or you can collect the water in your hands and splash it on your face.

Squeaky clean

There’s nothing worse than dirt and mold in the shower. Cleaning your shower once a week will keep it in top condition and make for a better showering experience.

Shorter showers

Having a short shower is easier said than done, but reducing your time spent in the shower will help to reduce water usage and your skin will benefit. Excessive contact with water dehydrates the skin, so try to keep your shower time less than 15 minutes.