ways to save water in the bathroom

6 Easy Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

There are some surprisingly simple yet effective ways to save water in the bathroom, from spending less time in the shower to turning off the water when brushing your teeth. By following these six easy ways to save water in the bathroom, you’ll not only reduce energy bills, but protect the environment too.

Fix a dripping faucet asap!

Faucets that constantly drip aren’t just annoying, they actually waste a lot of water! A single faucet that’s leaking or dripping can actually waste 20 gallons of water per day! So, make sure to fix any dripping kitchen or bathroom faucets as soon as possible.

Switch off the faucet when brushing your teeth

switch off the faucet to save water

Did you know that leaving a faucet running when brushing your teeth can waste as much as 2 gallons of water per minute? If you spend approximately five minutes each day brushing your teeth, and leave the faucet running, then you can waste an incredible 3,650 gallons of water a year! Next time you’re brushing your teeth just remember to switch the water off; one of the easiest ways to save water in the bathroom.

Fit a flow restrictor – quick & easy!

If you can’t afford to replace your shower system or faucets, then you can still save water by fitting flow regulators and aerators. Really easy to fit to your existing shower or faucet, flow devices feature precision-made holes or filters to regulate the flow of water, but without affecting how it feels to you.

Flow restrictors are specially designed to limit the amount of water to as low as 2.5GPM, regardless of what your water pressure is like. Simple to fit, a flow regulator provides a convenient and inexpensive way to save water and energy when taking a shower.

Have a shorter shower

ways to save water

Showering accounts for a staggering 25% of the water used in the home! So, to save water in the shower consider fitting a low-flow shower head. Standard shower heads flow at 5 gallons per minute or more, but low-flow shower heads flow at around 2.5 gallons per minute or even less. Simply by reducing the time spent showering you can significantly reduce your water and energy usage.

Other ways to save water in the shower include turning off the water when shaving your legs or lathering up, and considering how many minutes the shower will run if you don’t helps to prevent a lot of wasted water going down the drain. You could even put a bucket in the shower while you’re waiting for the water to warm up, and use the water you catch for watering plants or cleaning.

Upgrade to a water saving toilet

30% of all water used in the home is flushed down the toilet every day. Older toilets can actually use 5-7 gallons of water per flush, but newer low-flow versions can use as little as 1.6 gallons when flushed. When you take into consideration that the average person flushes five times a day, the gallons soon start to add up. If you can afford to do so, replace your old toilet with a low-flush model. Alternatively, fill a plastic bottle with water and place it in the toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used when flushing.

Bathe less often

Rather than take a daily bath, enjoy a refreshing shower instead and think of relaxing in the tub as an occasional treat. The average freestanding tub uses between 35-50 gallons of water, whereas a 10 minute shower (with a low-flow shower head) uses only 25 gallons.


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