Secure an All-Inclusive Estimate for your Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When setting your bathroom remodeling plans in motion, you’ll almost certainly be enlisting the services of a hired professional to help complete all necessary renovation work. And whilst your contractor will typically provide an estimate cost with regards to materials used and labor, it is well worth taking the time to discuss this with them in thorough detail, and find out exactly what you’re getting for the price. Usually, a bathroom remodeling estimate will allow for a margin of error, but to protect your own interest, you should work out what level of price adjustment you are prepared to meet and make it known. Alternatively, you can request that all additional changes and charges require your signature and approval before being actioned.

Try to seek out reputable contractors with overwhelmingly positive references on their website, profile page or whatever other channel they use as a vehicle to market their services. Of course, you can always ask around friends and family to see if they have any recommendations or knowledge of good, honest people within the industry – a personal endorsement from somebody who has first-hand experience dealing with a particular contractor goes a long way. You should generally receive an honest and accurate remodelling price estimate from your eventual choice, who will have a reputation to uphold and future business to consider. The possibility always remains though, that a contractor will purposely undervalue their original estimate in order to secure the work, before adding costs without homeowner consultation. For this reason primarily, it is absolutely vital to tread carefully when selecting your bathroom remodeling contractor.

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It is completely normal to allow your contactor to make alterations to certain elements of your project, for a pre-determined additional amount of money. You should however ensure that this is accounted for in terms of the total overall budget, rather than attributing the cost to specific stages of the process. By failing to factor in such extra expenses, you may see the price spiral well above your initial estimate, and find yourself with little room to manoeuvre with regards to limiting spending. Whether you have small bathroom remodel ideas or plans on a larger scale, it is essential that you keep a close track of estimated costs from the very beginning of the process, ultimately ensuring that you can action your bathroom remodel ideas on a budget.

Provide Exact Contract Specifications

Within your bathroom remodeling estimate, the materials set to be used for each stage of the work should be meticulously specified. For example, it shouldn’t merely be stated that a granite countertop will be used, but also provide the dimensions and thickness of the component within the proposal. This ensures you know exactly what you’re getting, and combats any potential concerns regarding the durability or usability moving forwards. If, for instance, you wanted to install a larger granite piece, you should be prepared to note an increase in your project’s estimated price. Additionally, the exact brand and type of fixtures should be outlined in your renovation estimate so you can attest to the quality of them.

Although the process can seem somewhat arduous, it very much pays off in the long run to take your time before selecting your contractor, and securing an all-inclusive estimate for your bathroom remodeling plans. If you’d like to source quality bathroom fixtures at affordable prices, Hudson Reed offer a great selection of luxury bathroom showers, radiators and faucets.

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