Modern Bathroom Ideas

Even though it’s the most used room in your home, the bathroom can get neglected when it comes to decorating, and creating the exact look and feel that we really want can be a challenge, especially when the majority of us tend to inherit a bathroom suite as well as the tiles when moving home. There are plenty of ways in which you can create a bathroom that you will love, so here we share our tips and advice for creating a modern bathroom.

New faucets

modern bathroom ideas

Bathroom faucets are available in an array of styles to enhance any modern space. Fitting new freestanding tub and basin faucets will instantly modernize your bathroom. When choosing a new faucet, opt for a design that combines stylish looks with practicality. Sleek, minimal designs with a single lever handle that controls both the flow and temperature of the water aren’t just simple to operate, but look great in modern bathrooms. Faucets with an open spout design are perfect for creating a spa-style look, as they create a gorgeous waterfall effect to enhance a sense of calm.

Add extra interest with color

Extra interest can be added to an all-white or neutral bathroom by introducing color. There are a variety of ways that you can add color to the bathroom, for example with towels, bath mats, shower accessories and even artwork too. You could also paint a feature wall for added wow-factor.


handheld shower benefits

If the surfaces around your tub, or shower area are cluttered with toiletries, keep them tidy with a new shower caddy to instantly transform the look of the bathroom. If the shower looks a bit worse for wear, give it a revamp with a new shower head or even consider installing a new shower system altogether.


When was the last time the light fixture was replaced? Fitting a new light fixture can help to transform the look of your bathroom, and there are plenty of styles available that are suitable for this space. When choosing a new light, ensure that it’s suitable for use in the bathroom first. Illuminated mirrors and cabinets are also great for adding modern style too.

Hydronic towel warmers

hydronic towel warmer

Available in an array of sizes and styles, hydronic towel warmers don’t just look great, but provide you with the simple luxury of warm fluffy towels. If possible, place a towel warmer as close to the tub or shower as possible, so your towel is easy to grab. Chrome finishes complement any bathroom decor, while a white finish looks cool and chic, or for a more contemporary look opt for an anthracite finish.

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