How to fit a Bathroom Vanity

Our simple-to-follow guide will make it easy to fit a bathroom vanity in your home. There are a massive variety of bathroom vanities on the market in a range of styles and sizes sure to fit any bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. They represent a fantastic storage solution for the likes of toiletries, shower gels and shampoos, helping to keep your bathroom tidy and organized. The installation of a new bathroom vanity and replacement of faucets are just two ways you can upgrade your bathroom and create a neat, fresh appearance.

You can choose between wall mounted and floorstanding bathroom vanities in accordance with your bathroom design. Our Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Vanities shines a spotlight on some of the finest designs to consider for your home. And with access to the right tools and by following the correct techniques, fitting a bathroom vanity can be a relatively simple process. Follow the steps listed below to complete a quick and easy bathroom vanity installation.