Five Top Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Bathroom shelving can often prove an underrated element of an interior design project, with many solutions adding functionality as well as style to a space. Keen to give an idea as to what a positive impact choosing the right bathroom shelving can have, Hudson Reed USA have produced a list of five top ideas worth implementing – one of which you can create yourself for a very affordable cost.

5 Ideas for Bathroom Shelving


1. Corner Shower Shelving

Shower storage space is almost always at a premium, and an element of invention is a near necessity in finding an attractive, functional solution that fits within an enclosure. Corner shelving is ideal in this sense, with transparent options a particularly good fit. Suited to shower interior of any style and color, clear corner shelving appeals as much aesthetically as it does from a practical perspective, providing an ideal platform on which to store shampoos, soaps, sponges and anything else you typically keep nearby your shower system in your shower enclosure.


2. Artistic Bathroom Shelving

You can be rewarded for thinking outside the box with regards to bathroom shelving, with a massive array of artistic designs available, including custom options to suit most all tastes and requirements. Seek out shelving that matches your bathroom theme and color scheme, and achieve a storage solution that lines up with your bespoke preferences.

3. Space Saving Shelving

Space-saving shelving, as you might expect, is a particularly ideal addition to a compact bathroom, providing easy access to all necessary lotions and potions, and including the flexibility to be positioned anywhere, within reason, in a bathroom. Elasticated bands often feature within the makeup of efficient space-saving shelving, and can add a true sense of modern appeal to a space.

4. Shelving for the Bath Tub

Bathtub shelving can help enhance your enjoyment of your bathroom no end, offering a stylish platform on which to hold glasses, candles, books and anything else you may choose to improve your bathing experience. Bathtub shelving makes it as easy as possible to comfortably drink, read, eat and ultimately savor your freestanding tub. Obviously, you want to avoid your bathtub faucets when positioning your bathtub shelving. For inspiration on some stylish faucets to complete a stunning look, explore our Ultimate Guide to Tub Faucets. There’s also an insight into all different types of bathroom faucets in our Ultimate Guide to Faucets.


5. Crate Shelving

Our final bathroom shelving recommendation is a budget-friendly choice, and one that can be made in DIY fashion to bolster a bathroom’s rustic, traditional allure. Crates are readily available from the likes of craft stores in a range of different shapes and sizes, and can be painted accordingly to match their surrounding bathroom décor. You can attach or hang crate shelves to and from bathroom walls depending on which style you prefer.

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