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A Bigger Hero than Jason Bourne: Matt Damon’s Fight for Clean Water

As the latest instalment in the heralded Bourne film series finally launches, the much anticipated Jason Bourne movie, it would appear that its titular character is an even bigger hero in real life than the one he portrays on screen. Indeed, whilst getting in the shape of his life to reprise the role of a character he has grown synonymous with, Matt Damon has still found the time to fight for the cause he is most passionate about – clean water.

Jason Bourne Star Supports Clean Water Campaigns

Damon co-founded global non-profit organization Water.org with Gary White back in 2009, since contributing to a selection of clever initiatives to help deliver clean water to those who need it the most. The pair teamed with Stella Artois to produce the “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign, which has proved a roaring success so far, shining a spotlight on the issue of women spending hours per day looking for water for their families. Stella have produced limited edition glasses representative of countries such as India, Haiti, Honduras and Ethiopia, priced individually at $13. One sale alone can provide a woman from any of these areas with five years’ worth of clean drinking water.

Water.org’s Revolutionary Water Credit Scheme

Meanwhile, the success of Water.org’s “Water Credit” scheme in this side of Damon’s life equates to that of a winning Oscar nomination in his acting career. The program offers a $200 loan over a two-year period for the installation of a pipe connected to the town’s water system, negating the need for locals to travel to a well, and spend a vast percentage of their family income on water. Having already helped over 300 million people gain access to clean, affordable drinking water, water credit continues to go from strength to strength, with females accounting for more than 94% of people to opt in to the scheme. The innovation’s incredible 99% loan repayment rate justifies its intent to free up users’ time, allowing them to generate added income whilst having an easily accessible supply of clean water.

Raising Awareness of Clean Water Issues

The work of Damon, and Water.org on the whole, is not only helping to raise awareness of clean water issues around the world, but also to do something about it. Their highlighting of the sheer scale of people without quick and easy access to a supply of clean water makes our New York water usage statistics all the more poignant, and there are more fascinating facts to be revealed moving forwards with relation to how NYC water could assist with world thirst issues. Hudson Reed would like to think that more stars of Damon’s stature will continue to get behind such a worthy cause, and that at a time when much attention is being drawn to the release of his latest movie, the public will take a similar interest in the clean water issues that its lead actor is so vehemently passionate about.