5 Benefits of Handheld Showers

Did you know that the average person takes 28,000 showers throughout their lifetime? Due to more people leading busier lifestyles than ever before, more of us prefer to take a shower rather than soak in the tub, so choosing a shower that’s not only stylish but is also practical is an important element to get right. Handheld showers are a really popular choice as they are available in a variety of designs, and offer a practical showering solution for the all the family too.

handheld shower benefits

A handheld shower head is connected to a long, flexible chrome plated pipe that’s usually part of a slide rail kit. The shower head is positioned in a holder, which you can easily slide up and down the rail to find the perfect height. Shower handsets are easy to remove from the holder, as well as simple to keep clean and replace when you need a new one.

Easier cleaning

A handheld shower that’s connected to a flexible hose provides the best way to clean around your shower enclosure or bath tub after each use, plus the tub and shower will be kept sparkling clean too. When it comes to taking on the weekly clean of your bathroom, handheld showers provide a hassle free way in which to spray down the walls in the bath tub or shower before you rub them clean and rinse around afterwards.

Simple to use

Handheld showers can be used by people of all ages as they are really simple to use, and can easily be removed from the holder so you can direct the spray of water where it’s needed. A handheld shower head that’s part of a slide rail kit is ideal for someone who has limited mobility or is elderly, as the height of the shower handset can be easily adjusted, which is really beneficial if you use a shower seat.

Spray patterns

There are some handheld showers that incorporate a variety of spray patterns, so you can enjoy a gentle massage effect or something more invigorating to leave you feeling awake and refreshed. Some are also fitted with a flow regulator to help reduce your water usage.

Clean kids and pets with ease

With a shower handset, cleaning the kids and pets becomes so much easier. Rather than take your dog to the groomer, use a handheld shower head to keep it clean at home, which will also save you money too.

Variety of designs

Finding a shower handset to suit the design of your bathroom won’t be an issue thanks to the superb range styles available. Hudson Reed have a variety of styles to choose from including modern and traditional.

3 of the best handheld showers

Here we have picked out three of the best Hudson Reed handheld showers that are sure to add style to any bathroom…

traditional handheld shower

Large brass traditional handset – The large brass traditional shower handset from Hudson Reed is perfect for adding traditional style to any bathroom. Made from brass with a chrome finish, this handset has been fitted with a flow regulator to save water.





easyclean handset

Rectangular easyclean handset – The Hudson Reed rectangular handheld shower head features easy to clean nozzles, as well as a chrome finish to blend in with any bathroom decor. This stylish handset is ideal for updating your bathroom without splashing the cash.






multi function handsetMulti Function handset – This multi function handheld shower head from Hudson Reed features a modern design and a chrome finish. Incorporating a variety of spray patterns, this handset has easy to clean nozzles and is fitted with a flow regulator.







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