Bathroom Storage Solutions – 5 of the Best

Regardless of the shape or size of your bathroom, it’s essential to incorporate storage that not only looks great but is practical too. Keeping toiletries, bathroom linen and beauty products neatly hidden away from view creates a space where you can truly relax and unwind. In this blog we share five of the best bathroom storage solutions.

Bathroom vanities

Fresca bathroom vanity

If you have a small bathroom it’s important to make the most of what’s there, and empty areas are ideal for incorporating bathroom storage. With some clever thinking and a practical storage solution you can transform any bathroom into a functional space.

Available in a range of sizes, styles and finishes, bathroom vanities provide a superb storage solution for any bathroom. A vanity combines a bathroom sink with a cupboard or drawers underneath, which means no space underneath is wasted. Vanities feature plenty of room for keeping toiletries and bathroom linen stored away; this keeps surfaces free from clutter to ensure a streamlined look to your bathroom.

Bathroom vanities are also available in floor standing and wall mounted styles. To enhance a sense of space it’s best to opt for a wall mounted vanity, and choose a white gloss finish to bounce the light around, alternatively go for a wood finish for something more luxurious.

We especially love the contemporary Largo vanity from Fresca, which incorporates spacious soft close drawers and double sinks. For something more traditional, the Fresca Oxford range is perfect.

Medicine cabinets

medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are another practical storage solution for keeping toiletries within easy reach. Fitted to the wall above the sink, medicine cabinets are available in various sizes and styles to blend in with any bathroom decor. Some even feature mirrored doors, which helps to make your bathroom appear more spacious.

When choosing a medicine cabinet it’s important to take the size into consideration, which all depends on how much available space there is. Don’t choose a cabinet that takes up half the wall, instead choose one that’s in proportion with the size of your bathroom.


bathroom shelving

Vanities and medicine cabinets aren’t the only bathroom storage solution, there’s glass and wooden shelving too. Shelving creates storage where there wasn’t any and helps to add height to the room. For something a little different, fit shelving with inverted brackets, which also helps to prevent loose items from falling off. For a minimal look, opt for floating shelves.

If you’re after something unique it’s worth thinking outside the box. For example, narrow spice racks are ideal for compact spaces, and keep hairspray and lotions organized. Even old wooden ladders can be transformed into shelving with a little creativity and effort. The space above the door can be put to good use too; fit a shelf which can be used to keep toilet roll out of sight, or to create a pretty display.

Drawer units

drawer unit

If you require additional space for toiletries and bathroom linen, drawer units provide the ideal solution. You could even allocate a drawer to each member of your household, so they have their own storage area. Drawer units on wheels are also great and can easily be moved around the bathroom.

Tall side cabinets

tall side cabinet

Whether floor standing or wall mounted, tall side cabinets are yet another stylish bathroom storage solution. Great for adding extra storage to your bathroom, a tall side cabinet is ideal for fitting in an unused corner of the room that would otherwise be wasted space. You may also find that this kind of bathroom vanity fits better alongside other fixtures like towel warmers or designer radiators.

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