Walk In Shower: A Simple Upgrade with a Bright Effect

Sometimes, the simplest of updates can have a huge effect on the overall appearance and ambience of any particular room in your home.

A bathroom with a walk in shower feels like an open airy room, with lots of light and unobstructed views. By using glass as the main components, walk in showers create a brighter and more open bathroom space. It is a great design upgrade if you are looking to transform your stuffy and musty bathroom into a livelier and more welcoming space. After all, the bathroom is a place to linger and relax and the decor should reflect this mood.

Getting Rid of Obstructions

There is nothing worse than a bathroom remodel that ends up feeling overly cluttered. A solid wall separating the shower area from the rest of the bathroom can easily create this effect. By blocking the flow of light, it casts shadows across the bathroom space. These shadows reflect in the negative feelings you might experience in such a bathroom, whether you realize it or not.

A walk in shower is often made from glass all round. Glass is vividly transparent, allowing huge amounts of light to pass through it. The immediate impact is a clearing of obstructions. The cluttered look is replaced by a fresh open style, exactly what a bathroom should be. Even more importantly, the space enjoys so much more light than before. The glass walls do not prevent light from flowing into every nook and cranny. If anything, glass actually enhances the lighting.

Styles and Designs

Like anything else in home decor, walk in showers come in a variety of designs and styles. For instance, while we have mentioned that walk in showers consist mostly of glass; that is not always the case. Some enclosures will only use glass for the entry door and low-profile solid walls for the other sides.

For a unique look, choose patterned or mosaic glass rather than the usual clear glass. If you want extra privacy, use frosted glass. Or, if privacy isn’t an issue for you, you can even opt for a door-less walk in shower.

It also matters a lot where the walk in shower is positioned. Most homeowners will select a corner setting where they can take advantage of the two walls, necessitating only one or two extra walls at the most. This type of shower can also be set against a single wall though, before three extra sides, including the door, are added. Make sure the enclosure is positioned to take maximum advantage of the natural light coming in.

A few other things to consider for a walk in shower include;

  • Lighting. For all-glass enclosures, you depend solely on either natural light or the main lighting fixture to keep the space well lit. If you have incorporated solid walls, consider adding a light fixture within the shower area itself.
  • Keep the space well drained. Prevent water from flowing into other areas of the bathroom by planning the drainage well.
  • Consider adding some accessories if you have enough space in the shower area. Examples include a small glass shelf, a glass rack for soaps and shampoos or a sitting area for drying out.