10 Small Bathroom Ideas

Regardless if you’re updating an existing small bathroom or starting from scratch, it’s essential that you plan carefully to make the most of the available space. Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that style has to be compromised in any way, and with clever thinking you really can create a stylish and attractive space. From wall-mounted fittings to reflective surfaces, our small bathroom ideas are sure to provide you with some inspiration.

Fit a floor to ceiling mirror

A favorite of interior designers, large mirrors can transform a small bathroom. To really enhance a sense of space fit a floor to ceiling mirror and to create extra impact.

Use walls for storage

It can be hard to fit in extra storage if your bathroom is already tiled, and floor space is limited, but you can get around this issue with a set of wall shelves that lean against the wall instead of being fixed, which will provide you with essential space for towels and toiletries.

Wall-mounted fittings

Rather than choose a basin and toilet that are fixed to the floor opt for sleek wall-mounted designs instead. A wall-hung toilet and basin leaves the floor clear, so your small bathroom will look more spacious, as well as being easier to clean too.

Opt for a contemporary shower

shower head for small bathroom

If you have a small shower room, the shower fittings you choose will be one of the defining features, so make sure to opt for something that provides the wow-factor. A large fixed shower head or a shower panel recessed into the wall are perfect for creating a style statement.

Choose an in-fold shower door

The majority of shower doors open outwards, which can take up valuable space in a small bathroom. Instead choose an in-fold or sliding shower door that doesn’t compromise on space either inside or outside the enclosure.

Fit tiles horizontally

When choosing tiles for your small bathroom it definitely pays to think outside the box. Fitting slim rectangular tiles horizontally rather than vertically creates an optical illusion, and makes a narrow bathroom appear wider.

Opt for a vanity unit

small bathroom ideas

The area underneath a basin is usually wasted space, which makes it ideal for storage. Vanity units which combine a basin and drawers or a cupboard provide a really practical storage solution for toiletries. Choose a wall-mounted unit to maximize floor space.

Fit a shower over the tub

Small bathrooms lack the space for a separate bath and shower enclosure, so instead of making a compromise, fit a shower over the bath and install a folding bath screen that can be tucked away for easier access and cleaning.

Use fresh colors for the walls

A small bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to avoid colour. If you have a white basin and toilet and pale flooring, you can afford to paint the walls a fresh colour such as pastel green or blue to add extra interest to the space.

Use mosaic tiles

Your choice of tile can make a big difference to the overall look of your small bathroom. Although ceramic tiles are a smart and practical option, metallic or glass mosaic tiles will catch the light and bounce it around the room making it feel more spacious.

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