How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving Guests

Top tips and tricks on how to make your home feel welcome and comfortable for guests during Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season.

Bathroom Accessories Winner

Congratulations to our competition winner Aaron Bennett, the lucky recipient of over $300 worth of bathroom accessories!

A Full Collection of Hudson Reed Home Radiators

Discover a full collection of Hudson Reed home radiators and other home heating solutions in this blog.
PIN001 Interval shower lifestyle

A Top Quality Shower System Collection from Hudson Reed

Hudson Reed offer a brilliant range of top quality full shower systems with a unique set of excellent features. Find out more...
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Five Top Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Check out these five top bathroom shelving ideas, and learn how to create clever storage space in your bathroom.
Image of a Two-Chamber Bath Soap and Shampoo Dispenser
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5 Shower Storage Ideas from Hudson Reed

Take a look at these five fantastic shower storage ideas from Hudson Reed. Be sure to let us know your favorite from the list!

Social Media's Most Powerful Water Conservation Messages

Discover a selection of social media's most powerful water conservation messages, as compiled by the Hudson Reed team.

New York vs The World Water Use Facts

Discover a selection of amazing New York water usage statistics, and how they relate to a variety of globally renowned landmarks.
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A Bigger Hero than Jason Bourne: Matt Damon’s Fight for Clean Water

Find out how Jason Bourne star Matt Damon is fighting to help provide clean water for those who need it the most.
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How to Save Water in the Garden During a Drought

We’ve rounded up some top tips, as well as our pick of the best drought tolerant plants, that will help to cut down your water consumption in the garden.