Five Awesome Hot Water Radiator Designs

Selecting the perfect Unique Radiator Design

Hot water radiators are an increasingly popular commodity in American households, not least due to the wide variety of stylish designs they come supplied in. Ranging from contemporary to classic, hot water radiators offer standout functionality in addition to a truly elegant look, and with options available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and finishes, there’s certainly a component on the market that will enhance any style of décor. In selecting the perfect unique radiator design for your needs, personal preference plays arguably the biggest part – you’ll want a component that stands out whilst complementing its surroundings. Here, we’ve picked out five awesome hot water radiator designs sure to make you envious!

An Art Deco-Inspired Radiator Choice

This art deco-inspired design will suit any modern space, with its truly unique, minimalist appearance making it a perfect focal point for a contemporary living room in particular. The radiator’s staggered in-built gap effect provides a definite sense of exclusive designer style.

Showing up especially well on a lightly colored background, this daring design will prove a worthy conversation piece in any home – and efficient performance won’t be a problem either. As well as contributing to an outstanding overall look, the extremely tight gaps between the radiator bars also ensure an impressive heat output, resulting in an absorbing combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Should you fancy yourself as a bit of a trend setter when it comes to home furnishings and fixtures, this stylish hot water designer radiator is an ideal statement choice that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Perfect for a compact space...

The main advantage of this radiator design is obvious, in that it can be positioned in even the smallest of spaces. As one of the most compact options on the market, this style of radiator is suitable for corner fitting, and offers a relatively subtle heating addition ideal for a smaller bathroom or kitchen.

Only three panels account for the makeup of this narrow hot water radiator, with the smallest conceivable gaps between them again guaranteeing a strong, efficient performance with regards to heat output.

And whilst other options in this list may offer a more standout look, this sleek component is hardly lacking in the style department, and is actually arguably the most unique design out of the five highlighted in this article. Indeed, the unconventional dimensions of the radiator make it suited to certain property types only, so if you’re looking for an attractive, practical heating solution for a small space, you need look no further.

A stunning chrome finish...

A striking reflective chrome finish makes this hot water radiator a superb choice for a modern home, helping to add sleek elegance to any space. Especially complementary to areas with lightly colored hardwood or laminate flooring, this radiator’s freestanding design makes it a versatile option certain to improve the look of any corridor, bathroom, kitchen or general living area.

There is no doubt that the main selling point of this radiator is its appearance, which is sure to catch the eye no matter where it is located in a home. As such, it is probably the best option of those specified here for contemporary enthusiasts. You can bring the very best out of the radiator by positioning it amongst an array of modern fixtures, and surrounding it with equally slick, polished décor.

A Novelty Designer Radiator Choice

Truly unique in its appearance, this vertical hot water radiator is well worth waffling on about. Featuring a multitude of indented squares (232 to be exact), this wall mounted designer radiator is sure to stand out wherever it is situated; it will prove a more dominant fixture in smaller rooms, and a more understated choice for rooms with taller ceilings.

So provided the dimensions suit your space one way or another, this radiator can provide your bathroom, kitchen, living room or any other area with a definite sense of novel style.

Also solid in its construction, this radiator isn’t merely nice to look at – it offers an impressive heat output whilst operating with the utmost efficiency too. The wall mount facility provides an expansive range of options in terms of where the radiator can be placed, whilst also offering a cool 3D effect from certain angles.

A Stylish Storage & Heating Solution

And the final selection in our list of five awesome hot water radiator designs is arguably the most stylish of all, definitely providing the greatest sense of functionality. An eye-catching white finish offers impressive aesthetics, and the radiator is wall mountable through the attachment of five in-built shelves (six if you include the ‘roof’ of the radiator) – these are perfect for storing the likes of towels and toiletries such as shower gels and shampoos. Ultimately space saving and sleek in design and appearance, this is another hot water radiator assured to mesh well with any style of modern décor; the incorporated shelving makes it an ideal choice for a contemporary bathroom.

A Stunning Selection of Hot Water Radiators

There’s a truly stunning selection of hot water radiators on the market, and your specific tastes and requirements dictate which style you should ultimately opt for. Of course, your home décor and the particular room your radiator will be placed in are other factors to consider – choose a hot water radiator design that not only looks good, but suits your home in terms of practicality too.

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