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Five Top Bathroom Shelving Ideas

Check out these five top bathroom shelving ideas, and learn how to create clever storage space in your bathroom.
Image of a Two-Chamber Bath Soap and Shampoo Dispenser
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5 Shower Storage Ideas from Hudson Reed

Take a look at these five fantastic shower storage ideas from Hudson Reed. Be sure to let us know your favorite from the list!

Keep Pets Safe in Summer! Combat the Heat with Hudson Reed’s Top Tips

Make sure your pets stay safe in the searing heat this summer by following our top tips! Keep 'em cool!
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Bathroom Cleaning Tips & Tricks

In this blog we share our top bathroom cleaning tips - from how to get sparkling faucets to removing those stubborn stains on sinks, toilets and bathtubs.

Flipping houses in "the 'hood"

Flipping houses is on the decline in north America. But what if you wanted to buy a dream home at a dream price. Would you buy a home in "the 'hood?"...
carbon monoxide warning posster

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

Carbon Monoxide: As National CO Awareness Week draws to a close we decided to take a look a look at the symptoms associated with The Silent Killer...
Our favorite bathroom trends 2015.
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Bathroom Trends 2015: The Top 10 Latest Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Hudson Reed has scoured the latest bathroom trends 2015 to create the following list to make your bathroom renovation next year much more manageable.

5 Benefits of Handheld Showers

Handheld showers are a really popular choice as they are available in a variety of designs, and offer a practical showering solution for the all the family.
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How to Save Money on your Bathroom Remodel

In this blog we share our tips, tricks and advice on how to save money on your bathroom remodel.

10 Small Bathroom Ideas

From wall-mounted fittings to reflective surfaces, our small bathroom ideas are sure to provide you with some inspiration.