How a Bathroom Unit installation can transform your space

Bathroom Units: A Guide

Whether you’re starting from scratch in creating a new bathroom, or renovating an existing space, the installation of a bathroom unit should be considered as a means to enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the area. Offering versatility in terms of size and style, these units can improve any bathroom large or small, and are available in a variety of different designs that will fit well with any decor. This article will aim to help you understand how to choose the perfect bathroom unit for your room, with a few other hints and tips sprinkled throughout regarding some key elements of an impressive bathroom upgrade.

wall hung light oak bathroom vanity unit

Different Types of Bathroom Units

The extensive range of bathroom unit designs on the market means that careful research is required for you to identify the ideal component to suit your space, whilst a number of other factors also need considering. Firstly, you’ll need to think about the size of the bathroom you’re renovating, in terms of both floor space and the total height of the room. For compact bathrooms or en-suites with a low ceiling, wall-mounted horizontal vanities are often a good choice for maximizing space whilst offering adequate storage space for towels, toiletries and any other essential items. Many horizontal bathroom units also incorporate either a single or double sink, negating the need for a stand-alone unit to open up your space further.

Those updating a bigger bathroom with plenty of wall space could also do much worse than to opt for a wall hanging horizontal vanity, but will perhaps be more receptive to vertical designs, many of which feature a back-to-wall profile or versatile floorstanding properties. These types tend to be much thinner and therefore provide less storage space than their horizontal counterparts, though they can offer a sleeker, more streamlined look.

A Choice of Stylish Bathroom Unit Finishes

In addition to incorporating different shapes and materials in their construction and design, bathroom units are also available in a choice of stylish finishes, so you can choose an option to mirror your existing bathroom decor, or update your surroundings accordingly to match up. Oak is an increasingly popular finish which is unsurprising as it is well suited to both modern and traditional style bathrooms, whilst the same can be said of ebony brown units.

Darker grays and glossy black finishes are favorable for modern bathrooms, in particular vanities with chrome details in the form of drawer handles, taps and wastes. Plenty of bathroom units are supplied complete with striking white ceramic sinks, and their profile and appearance are other elements to think about before making your choice, as well as whether certain elements are customizable. For example, you may be able to select your preferred tap design or attached sink.

wall hung double bathroom vanity unit and mirror on modern black tiles

Different Elements to help you make the most of Bathroom Units

We’ve already explained how advantageous bathroom units can prove from a space saving perspective, and your bathroom’s overall layout can also play a huge part in opening up the area. As well as where you choose to position your vanity, there are several other easy-to-implement tricks that can see you make the very most of your bathroom, even if space is limited. Firstly, the presence of floating shelves will not only complement your bathroom unit, but also provide vital extra storage space, and a platform to display decorative items such as vases, dishes and containers. If opting for a wall-mounted vanity, you could even attach your floating shelves directly above for quick and easy access to any lotions, creams or other essentials you may keep there. Similarly, hanging baskets are a useful alternative storage option for compact bathrooms or en-suites in particular. And perhaps more than anything else, the installation of a full bathroom shower system can deliver an impressive mixture of aesthetic appeal and functionality, whilst serving to open up the area as much as possible. Especially in a smaller bathroom or en-suite, a shower enclosure is a far more practical choice than a bathtub, and can incorporate the likes of shower spa systems for a truly luxurious showering experience. If deciding to opt for a shower spa, there’s plenty of available options on the market that are sure to suit your chosen bathroom unit, many of which incorporate a polished chrome profile that will mirror the details of many vanities. As well as a wide variety of stylish bathroom units, Hudson Reed USA also offer an extensive selection of top quality shower systems within our luxury bathroom collection, so you can find everything you need to create an attractive, practical and spacious area.