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Interesting Bathroom Facts

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe is said to have filled her bath with 350 bottles of champagne just for the bubbles? We commissioned an infographic to investigate some of the different and interesting bathroom related facts that are out there.

How to Create a Contemporary Shower Room

Designing a contemporary shower room can be a challenge, but sometimes all you need is some inspiration to help you along the way. A contemporary shower room is all about sleek, minimal styling, and it should be a place where you can escape to leave the stresses of the day behind. Here we share our […]

Bathroom Trends for 2014

Looking ahead to this year’s most stylish trends we’ll be detailing all the best looks to help you revitalize your home and make your dream bathroom a reality. Our inspiration has not only come from the team here at Hudson Reed but the world’s leading interior design and colour experts.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Even though it’s the most used room in your home, the bathroom can get neglected when it comes to decorating, and creating the exact look and feel that we really want can be a challenge, especially when the majority of us tend to inherit a bathroom suite as well as the tiles when moving home.

Five of the Best Designer Showers

The right shower really can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom, and ensures the best possible showering experience too. Showers at Hudson Reed are available in an array of styles to enhance any bathroom, ranging from stunning thermostatic shower panels to contemporary fixed shower heads with color changing […]

How to Create the Perfect Showering Experience

Enjoying a shower in the morning helps to get your day off to a great start, and also provides a way for you to relax in the evening. But, do we really make the most of our daily showers? Here we share our tips and advice on how to create the perfect showering experience.

Stylish Bathroom Heating Ideas

Fall is upon us already, and before we know it winter will be here! So, now is the best time to ensure that your bathroom is transformed into a warm and cozy space. Here we share some stylish bathroom heating ideas.